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A couple of checks in the various services offered by the Family require a sim to be on their home lot. Unfortunately, this required a new check to be added to the interactions in order for them to show up on tiny home lots, as well as just normal residential lots. Thanks to Schram92 and Lumi Buttons for pointing this out and helping me corroborate the cause.


The biggest addition of v1.4.0 was the Extended Family; Aunt Mai, Uncle Rick, and Cousin Jack. There’s some interesting info, as well as a little more canon, to be found in the information post on my website, but the basics are covered in the change log below.

Sims 4 Omegaverse

  • Added additional check for Tiny Homes
    Sims on Tiny Home lots will now be able to access all the family’s services.
  • Corrected some coding errors
    Cleaned up small tuning errors which did not break the mod but might have caused poor performance.


  • Implemented new checks for Care-Givers
    Alpha care-givers will no longer cause “Scary Alpha” buffs in the children who they care for, but are not directly related to.
    Extra flirty heat or rut buffs can longer be triggered by care-giver Alphas/ Omegas.
  • Corrected the Rut Preventor label string
    The notification will now explain the Rut Preventor, rather than one of Aunt Mai’s products.


  • Introduced Aunt Mai’s Emporium and Uncle Rick’s Store
    Aunt Mai’s Emporium sells various Omega supplements.
    Uncle Rick’s Store sells various Alpha supplements.
    Both are found under the new Omegaverse category on the PC.
  • Introduced Alpha and Omega supplements
    Alpha supplements include: Rut Suppressant, Rut Inducer, Alpha Contraceptive, and Rut Preventor.
    Omega supplements include: Heat Suppressant, Heat Inducer, and Heat Contraceptive.
    A Supplement Sickness Remedy is available for both Alphas and Omegas from both Aunt Mai’s Emporium and Uncle Rick’s Store.
    All supplements have a “Read the Label” interaction, which states how to take them and their effectiveness.
  • Introduced Cousin Jack’s Market
    Cousin Jack’s Market sells poorer quality versions of the Alpha and Omega supplements.
    Poorer quality supplements have reduced effectivenesses, shorter effect durations, and can lead to Supplement Sickness, which can lead to death.
    Discovered by successfully Researching Supplements on the PC, then found under the Omegaverse category on the PC.
    Cousin Jack’s Market is only available for a limited amount of time, before being “burnt”.
  • Introduced Aunt Mai’s Clinic
    Aunt Mai’s Clinic offers various treatments for Omegas, including; Heat Pausation surgery, and Fertility Reduction surgery.
    The Clinic also offers emergency treatment to those suffering from Supplement Sickness, preventing death and speeding up recovery.
    Found under the Omegaverse category on the PC.

Credit : Jamjars

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