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The Sims 4 Healthcare Redux

by profesorme
The Sims 4 Healthcare Redux

I love all the ways that people bring new diseases and sickness to the game, but it was getting unwieldy for me in my game and I needed something a little less hands-on or not tied to a larger system so I made a healthcare mod for myself (please keep that in mind that it is heavily geared towards my own gameplay) and am sharing it with you. It does a few things so bear with me as I really didn’t want to have to go piece together ten different mods to do what I wanted and just wanted one big mod in the end. 

The Sims 4 Healthcare Redux

The amazing and incomparable Sandy at AroundtheSims designed and created all the medications your sims receive to treat these conditions, injuries, and illnesses so please grab them else who knows what may happen…?!


New Deadly Diseases: Malaria and Tuberculosis.****Fair warning: these diseases can cause a new death – Death by Disease – if not treated or immunized against. Go see the doctor! Please note Malaria has no vaccine. Taking the Malaria pills or using the Elixir are your only options to fight the disease.***

New Infectious Viral and Bacterial Diseases: Bacterial Sinusitis, Bronchitis (only as cold complication),  Cold, Ear Infection (Toddlers only), Gastroenteritis/Stomach Flu, Meningitis, Tonsillitis. *Note: Getting immunized for Meningitis while sick does not always remove the illness, but it should not happen again! Antibiotics will significantly increase the rate at which the illness goes away, but will not get rid of it completely.

New Chronic Conditions:Anemia, Anxiety, Asthma, Arthritis (Elders), Eczema, Insomnia,  Migraines, Seasonal Affective Disorder

New Allergies: Bees, Pet Dander, General/Seasonal

New Injuries:Random Childhood Injuries, Sports Injuries. I edited the sprained ankle for CL to act more like the ones from SE. Currently you don’t need to go to the doctor to treat these injuries, but there’s a chance they can be serious and either require a cast or surgery and those require a doctor’s appointment. 

Surgery-Required ComplicationsAppendicitis (Random), Tonsillectomy (as a complication of severe Tonsillitis), Serious Injuries

Pregnancy Related Healthcare: Prenatal Visits, Pregnancy-Related Complication/Conditions (Preeclampsia, Pregnancy Related Anemia, and Gestational Diabetes), and Prenatal Vitamins to help with fetal development (and unrealistically reduces the chance of complications). Your sim, if they have a pregnancy complication, have increased risk of labor induction and/or c-section. All new parent sims have the chance to experience the baby blues which in some cases can lead to postpartum depression. CC

Vitamins: Toddler, Children, Teen, and Adult Vitamins to help supplement lifestyles and keep sickness at bay. Prenatal vitamins will help with fetal development (the mother will get positive moodlets) and again unrealistically reduce the chance of complications. 

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