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The Sims 4 Dancer (Part-Time) Career

by profesorme
The Sims 4 Dancer (Part-Time) Career

With this mod, your Sims can join the Dancer Career!

This is a part-time “Rabbit Hole” career. Your sims will leave for work, but you will not follow them.

Rhythm and fitness are what is needed to succeed as a professional dancer. Do you have what it takes? Call the Sim City Dance Company today to make your dreams come true!

The Sims 4 Dancer (Part-Time) Career

Available for: Teen, Young Adult, and Adult sims.

This career has been adapted from Sims 2 and updated for Sims 4.

Career Levels:

  • Aerobics Instructor – 4-7 PM, Off Mon & Thurs, §21/hr, for promotion reach level 2 Fitness and Dancing skills – And 1 and 2 and step and bend and move and slide and kick and stretch and 3 and 4 keep ’em moving keep ’em guessing. Keep your own body in shape and maybe one day your dream of becoming a dancer will come true.
  • Backup Dancer – 4-8 PM, Off Mon & Fri, §28/hr, §425 Bonus, for promotion reach level 2 Charisma skill and level 3 Fitness and Dancing skills – Here’s your first opportunity to show your skills and hopefully hone your craft by working with veterans in the industry. It’s still technically a starving artist position, but everyone has to start somewhere.
  • Jazzercise Instructor – 4-8 PM, Off Mon & Thurs, §37/hr, §560 Bonus – Why you left backup dancing to teach a workout class based on a 20-year-old outdated fad, you’ll never know, but the world of dance moves in mysterious ways. Dust off that unitard, warm up the hair crimper, darn up those leg warmers, and hit the hardwoods: it’s time for some creativity and some pizzazz.

Credit : BosseladyTV

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