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Sims 4 Slotted Items: Bathtubs

by profesorme
Sims 4 Slotted Items: Bathtubs

Sims 4 Slotted Items: Bathtubs

I went through the trouble of making my Functional Shower Supplies only to be annoyed that I couldn’t sit them on the edges of bathtubs. So I went through the bathtubs and added slots where they fit. There are far more small slots than medium but at least there are a few where you can fit the body washes.

The medium slots are positioned specifically to work well with my shower supplies so I can’t promise that everything will look great there but you can try. Some of the small slots the soap dishes will look more natural scaled down with the bracket keys but that’s your call.

These objects are overrides but they only override the rig and slots. Anything that changes the tuning or the swatches should not conflict. They also will not have the wrench that shows them as custom which annoys me, but I decided that was worth it to minimize conflicts. This is my first time messing with slots after figuring them out while doing the audio effect on my TV Stand/Stereo so, as always, if you see any issues with these please let me know.

  • Basegame Tub with 4 Small Slots (3 versions)
  • Basegame Tub with 4 Small and 2 Medium Slots*
  • Cottage Living Tub with 2 Small Slots
  • City Living Tub with 4 Small Slots
  • Dream Home Decorator Tub with 4 Small Slots (2 Versions)
  • Get Famous Tub with 4 Small Slots
  • Get Together Tub with 4 Small and 4 Medium Slots*
  • Jungle Adventure Tub with 4 Small Slots
  • Spa Day Tub with 2 Small Slots
  • Spa Day Tub with 6 Small and 4 Medium Slots*
  • Snowy Escape Tub with 2 Small Slots

*Small and Medium slots overlap so you can’t use all 8-10 slot sat the same time.

Known issues:
  • On the Spa Day tub that can have 6 objects slotted at once the non-corner slots can be finicky if the tub is up against the wall. I may tweak it but I think they’ll look off-center and not work. So for now at least you can use "bb.moveobjects on" or just hold Alt to put the tub very close to the wall but not up against it. The latter is what I did in the screenshots.

Future Plans
  • Add more slots to corner tubs. I started it already but the positioning needs fixing and these were ready to go so I split them up.
  • If there’s a specific spot where I didn’t put a slot that you want me to try you can ask.

Archive: Ilex_ALL_TubSlots1.0_Merged.zip
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Archive: Ilex_ALL_TubSlots1.0_Separate.zip
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  • CC: Stands for custom content. CC is content created by fans of the game.
  • How To Download CC For Sims 4?
  • Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ‘’Other’’ and check the ‘’Enable Custom Content and Mods’’ box.

Credit : Ilex

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