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Sims 4 Occult Hybrid Unlocker – Hybrid Mod

by profesorme
Sims 4 Occult Hybrid Unlocker – Hybrid Mod

Sims 4 Occult Hybrid Unlocker

This mod allows the following through Normal Means:

  • Aliens to be Spellcasters
  • Vampires to be Spellcasters
  • Spellcasters to be Vampires
  • Mermaids to be Spellcasters
  • Servos to be Spellcasters
  • Aliens to be Mermaids
  • Vampires to be Mermaids
  • Spellcasters to be Mermaids
  • Servos to be Vampires [New]
  • Aliens to be Vampires [I hope it works now]
  • Mermaids to be Vampires [Same for this one]


Whereby Normal means referring:

  • Asking and Offering Rite of Ascension
  • Asking How to Use Magic
  • Ask To Turn into Vampire
  • Turn Into Vampire via Vampire Powers
  • Eating the Kelp and Going Into Water to be a Mermaid

ddon Version (Requires RoM and Spellbook Injector):

The addon version adds 3 spells into the spellbook to turn sims into Vampires and Mermaids respectively. The spells can be cast onto your sim as well as other sims. These spells are helpful if you don?t want to find Vlad, Caleb and the Mermadic Kelp and would be essential for Aliens and Mermaids trying to become a Vampire.

UPDATE 1 On New Spell

I made a new spell, called Instant Vampiric Transformation. This spell is intended on mermaids as the Vampiric Transformation spell did not solve the problem. BTW, Vampiric Transformation Spell now does not work on Mermaids.

The 3 spells are Rank 4 Untamed Spells (Master) and you can learn through duelling or through the sage. There are no tomes for the spells, sorry.

Note: Vampires cannot cast the Vampiric Transformation on themselves. Mermaids cannot cast the Mermadic Transformation Spell on themselves. Also, you can’t cast the 3 spells on the Grim Reaper.

Vampiric Transformation

Normal – Gives the first of three buff (Strangely Hungry) and turns in 36 hours

Charged – Gives the last buff (Appetite Lost) and turns immediately or in 12 hours

Instant Vampiric Transformation

Outcome – Instantly turns the sim into a Vampire

Mermadic Transformation

Outcome – Gives the Strange Sensations Buff and lasts 24 hours

Failure of both spells gives the Buff: Consequences of Trying To Turn which has a +50 Dazed Moodlet and lasts 24 hours.


[All in One] Includes Main Version + Addon. Requires at least RoM, Vampires, IL and Spellbook Injector. Does not include Override.

[Main Version] Consists of the 6 tunings. Requires at least 2 or more EP/GPs.

[Addon] Adds 2 spells into the Spellbook. Requires RoM, Vampires, IL and Spellbook Injector.

[Separated Addon] Adds the Vampiric Transformation Spell. Requires RoM, Vampires and Spellbook Injector.

[Separated Addon] Adds the Mermadic Transformation Spell. Requires RoM, IL and Spellbook Injector.

Conflicts & Issues:

This mod conflicts any mod that changes the following tunings listed at the bottom.

[Partial Conflict & Issue] Zer0′s Vampire Witches Mod – The end result for Ask How To Use Magic and the rest of the interactions leads Vampires to be Zer0′s form of Vampire-Spellcaster (not the actual hybrid that we are talking about)

[Workaround] Use the interaction Ask for Rite of Ascension on any spellcaster that knows the Rite of Ascension spell to become an actual Vampire-Spellcaster hybrid. I?d recommend that the all 3 sages should know of the Rite of Ascension spell as Maxis did not let the sages have it in their spellbook (If the sages know the spell, any sim can walk up to them, say hello and ask for the Rite of Ascension; that?s cheating and skips the fetch quest).

[Issue] (Those without RoM) Aliens and Mermaids Are Unable to Become Vampires – The Turn Into Vampire interaction will not work for Aliens and Mermaids is probably due to Maxis not downright showing the Option for the 2 occults. As for the Ask to Turn interaction, the interaction itself cancels out and the next section does not appear. Due to all this, I have to disable the 2 occult traits in the tunings.

[Workaround] Mermaids can turn themselves back into regular Sims by eating 2 Kelps and then turning themselves into Vampires (1.5 days) and once transformed, eat a kelp and walk into water to turn into a Mermaid.

Aliens, No sadly, you will have to use console to do so.

Tunings Modified:

(7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E07) – testSet_NoOccult_Target

(7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E00) – testSet_NoOccult_Actor

(7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E09) – testSet_NoOccult_Actor_Tooltip

(7DF2169C-00000000-0000000000034E0A) – testSet_NoOccult_Target_Tooltip

(7DF2169C-00000011-0000000000025F60) – testset_Vampires_CanTurn

(7DF2169C-00000011-0000000000025F62) – testset_Vampires_CanAskToTurn

(E882D22F-00000015-00000000000348A5) – social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension

(E882D22F-00000015-00000000000368C2) – mixer_Social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Offer

(E882D22F-00000015-00000000000348A6) – social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Target

(E882D22F-00000015-00000000000368C0) – mixer_Social_WitchOccult_RiteOfAscension_Request

(E882D22F-00000015-000000000003686B) – Social_WitchOccult_AskHowToUseMagic

(E882D22F-00000011-000000000002486A) – mixer_Social_VampireCreation_OfferToTurn

(E882D22F-00000011-00000000000247D8) – mixer_Social_VampireCreation_AskToTurn

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