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Sims 4 Character Values Overhaul

by profesorme
Sims 4 Character Values Overhaul

Sims 4 Character Values Overhaul

No update needed for patch 1.80.69
The Character Value (CV) system introduced in Parenthood is underdeveloped and hasn’t been updated in years. Currently, only 12 traits out of the 50+ traits available to Sims have an impact on CVs. Also, if a child ages up with a worrisome trait like “Evil,” their existing CVs will remain largely unchanged. This mod corrects that and goes several steps further.

What This Mod Does

  1. All traits, including Toddler Traits and expansion pack Traits, will now have an impact on Character Values when a Sim is first created.
  2. Points needed for earning Parenthood Traits (Insensitive, Compassionate, etc) have been rebalanced for better gameplay.
  3. Sims will start with a random positive or negative value in each Character Value so that no two Sims will be exactly alike.
  4. Character Values will now decay over time (very slowly).
    • You shouldn’t notice a difference day-to-day.
  5. Child and Teen Sims with Character Values in the red will roll whims, unlock interactions, and behave as if they have negative Parenthood Traits.
    • For instance, a Child Sim with -20 points in Responsibility will behave and roll whims as if they had the Irresponsible trait.
  6. When a Sim ages up, the trait they age up with will have an impact on their current Character Values. (Requires XML Injector)
    • Without XML Injector, a Sim’s Character Values will only be impacted when they are first created or when they become a Toddler.
  7. All of the boring Character Value notifications ("Sim is in range to earn Responsible trait") have been replaced with 30+ livelier ones that aim to freshen up the gameplay.
    • English and German only. If you’d like to translate this mod into another language, feel free to do so and I’ll update it.
Optional Add Ons
  1. CharacterValuesOverhaul_BlockRewardsAddOn
    • As punishment for poor parenting, certain reward traits are blocked for Sims who have Character Values in the red and Sims who have negative Parenthood Traits (Insensitive, Bad Manners, etc).
    • If you have Outdoor Retreat, put both the BlockRewardsAddOn file and the BlockRewardsAddOn_GP01 file into your Mods folder

Latest Updates
BUG FIX Update: 9/11/21
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a Sim to gain and lose Character Values every time a new lot was loaded.
  • Teens aging into Young Adults will be less likely to receive notifications about their Character Values changing and will be less likely to have their Character Values change at the last minute.
    • Your new Young Adult will still have a subtle, last-minute shift in Character Values if you choose: Evil, Mean, Good, Insane/Erratic, Jealous, Self Assured, Slob, Neat, Childish, Perfectionist, Outgoing, or Hot Headed.
Updated: 9/10/21
  • Added German translation by granatapfelsaft
Updated: 9/08/21
  • Added 30+ Custom Notifications
    • The default notifications were boring and needed an overhaul IMO. "Sim is in range to earn Emotional Control trait." "Sim is out of range to earn Irresponsible trait." These lame notifications have been replaced for the English version of the game.
    • You will now receive a notification when your Sim has earned one of the hidden "Developing" traits that come with this mod.
    • You will now be notified when your Sim has earned enough points for a hidden "Developing" trait to be removed.
  • Rebalanced points for Child and Teen Sims created in CAS
    • Child Sims created in CAS should no longer have an excessive amount of CV points when first placed in game.
    • Teen Sims created in CAS should now have less excessive values as well, but still enough to imply that they’ve been alive for awhile (and enough to earn negative Parenthood traits).
    • For those with XML Injector, the points Toddler and Child Sims earn on age up is largely the same as it was previously.
  • Added the new High Maintenance Trait from Spa Day
    • Impacts Emotional Control, Empathy, and Conflict Resolution.

More Detailed Information

Character Value points rewarded by traits are balanced

Points needed to earn negative and positive Parenthood Traits have been modified

Randomness of values

Whims, autonomy, and integration with other mods

Optional Add On: Block Rewards

Character Values are now impacted by all Traits


This mod is NOT compatible with my Lower Threshold for Parenthood Traits mod. This mod is intended to replace that one.
This mod should be compatible with most (if not all) other mods currently available for download.

Despite the emphasis on traits in this mod, no trait files have been modified. The main files this mod modifies are the lifeSkillStatisitc XMLs and the LifeSkills_Autonomy buff XMLs. I’ve yet to encounter another mod that touches these. I’ve also taken care to make sure that the Whims and Whim Sets my mod touches does not conflict with anything Bienchen’s "sims4me_whimoverhaul" touches. My mod is also compatible with mods that increase or decrease the rate at which you gain/lose Character Value points.

For an added challenge, you can use my mod with Kuttoe’s "mini mod: parenthood hard mode". But, be warned. You’ll be seeing a lot of red!

Some features of this mod require XML Injector

My mod will work fine without it, but if you want ALL the features of this mod, you just need to make sure that you have "XmlInjector_Script_v4.ts4script" in your mods folder. If you already have it, you’re golden. If you don’t, you can download it here.

If you’re hesitant to download XML Injector, you can learn more about it here.

Future Updates

I will be fine tuning this mod over over the coming months and have plenty of features planned. Do let me know your feedback!

Made with Sims 4 Studio
German translation by granatapfelsaft

Archive: CharacterValuesOverhaul.zip
File: tyjokr_CharacterValuesOverhaul.package

Traits: (9)

Developing Unfeeling

Insensitive Sims are able to Question other Sims’ negative emotions. They can also Instigate other Sims. Insensitive Sims will have a higher chance of failing socially when talking to Sims with bad emotions.
Ages: Baby
Type: Hidden

Developing Argumentative

Argumentative Sims don’t always start conversations on the right foot with Sims they don’t like. Successfully apologizing is harder and they do try to assert their correctness more often than not.
Ages: Baby
Type: Hidden

Developing Bad Manners

Sims with Bad Manners can try to be Friendly, but will always fail using certain socials. They will often use gross manners, swear a lot, and never want to do the dishes.
Ages: Baby
Type: Hidden

Developing Uncontrolled Emotion

Sims with Uncontrolled Emotions won’t be able to relieve their negative emotions as fast as other Sims. When they have strong negative emotions, they may have an emotional meltdown.
Ages: Baby
Type: Hidden

Developing Irresponsible

Irresponsible Sims are uncomfortable at work, but ignoring bills and slacking off brings them joy. They may also encounter new situations when at work.
Ages: Baby
Type: Hidden
Archive: CharacterValuesOverhaul_BlockRewardsAddOn.zip
File: tyjokr_CharacterValuesOverhaul_BlockRewardsAddOn.package
File: tyjokr_CharacterValuesOverhaul_BlockRewardsAddOn_GP01.package

  • CC: Stands for custom content. CC is content created by fans of the game.
  • How To Download CC For Sims 4?
  • Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ‘’Other’’ and check the ‘’Enable Custom Content and Mods’’ box.

Credit : tyjokr

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