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Sims 4 15 Yellow Skintones

by profesorme
Sims 4 15 Yellow Skintones

Sims 4 15 Yellow Skintones

15 Yellow Skintones!

Did you know that if you just add black to yellow, you get green? Because you do. I did my best to give you colors that did, in fact, look like yellows: shades and tints of yellow orange, tangerine, and yellow.

They are slider-compatible and are available for aliens, vampires, mermaids, and spellcasters. They are available for all ages (toddler through elder) and are unisex. They are not genetic and will not randomly show up on sims—the only way they show up is if you apply them in CAS!

Archive: SunshineyDays22 – Skintones – Yellow.zip
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  • CC: Stands for custom content. CC is content created by fans of the game.
  • How To Download CC For Sims 4?
  • Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ‘’Other’’ and check the ‘’Enable Custom Content and Mods’’ box.

Credit : SunshineyDays22

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