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Relationships Pregnancy Overhaul Mod

by profesorme
Relationships Pregnancy Overhaul Mod

Mod 1: Pregnancy & Family Preferences Does your Sim want children right now, is ok with anything, or does not want children? What about their partner? And how will all that play out if they don’t share the same wish? Do your Sim’s kids want siblings? Do their parents want grandchildren? How will everyone react to a new family member?

Individual or Global pregnancy risk, birth control, surgeries, social interactions!

In which Sims can discover who fathered their child, lie, tell the truth, rope another into marriage, reject offspring, and more.

In which Teen Sims can freak out about being pregnant, make their parents freak out, get support or get kicked out…

Take a relationship break and try to figure things out before fully breaking up or reconciling.

A module that changes the sentiment behavior for cheating,tier-ing it depending on the gravity of the fault, and offers added features and possibilities revolving around cheating. See different reactions depending on whether a Sim only flirted with another, kissed, or woohoo’d. Blameforgivelie about having ‘only flirted nothing more”, confess to cheating, tell a Sim your Sim slept with their partner… and more!

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