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COVEN OF DARKNESS MOD by wickedpixxel

by profesorme
COVEN OF DARKNESS MOD by wickedpixxel

Coven Of Darkness Mod adds modern witchcraft gameplay to The Sims 4. Features include starting your own Coven, asking initiates to join your coven, Divination Skill and abilities, owning a Mystic Shop, and performing psychic readings. This is version 1.2 If you have the original version please remove it and download this version. The original version is missing payment loots from doing psychic services and tarot card readings. Requirements For This Mod To Work: Paranormal Stuff Pack Optional: Get To Work Expansion Pack is needed if you want to purchase the custom venue Mystic shop through the computer. This is option because you set the Mystic Shop to a generic lot type and still use the computer menu “Mystic Shop” to open and close your shop.

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