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100 baby challenge sims 4 rules 2022

by profesorme
100 baby challenge sims 4 rules 2022

The 100 baby challenge rules are:

  • The same sim cannot impregnate your matron twice.
  • Fathers are prohibited to live in the same household and cannot give aid in the household in any form. Don’t be under the impression that the father would be doing all the work while you look after the home and children.
  • All the traits and ambitions of your children need to be random.
  • The gender of the baby cannot be influenced in any way. Steer clear of strawberries, carrots, pop or any other alternative music to avoid influencing the baby’s gender.
  • You are not authorized to wield mods, custom content or cheats.
  • Nanny services or any other hired help is available to oversee all the youngsters but using the free services reward trait is not allowed.
  • You have the option to join and create clubs but you cannot use some of the perks like Network Club, Rally the Troops and any Emotional Perk reserved from clubs are disallowed.
  • As soon as the child turns into a young adult, they have the freedom to move out of the house, they can’t move back into the house though.
  • You must set a normal lifespan for your matriarch and the aging option should be on. Auto-aging is much more preferred to generate donors for your matriarch.
  • If the lot into which your matron moves into, already has lot traits then you cannot edit or add to them. If the lot has no traits then you can choose any three traits but it would be a permanent decision.
  • As you complete the aspirations and social events, all in-game rewards would be awarded but none of those would extend your sim’s lifespan or rescue them from death.
  • Your babies would be aged up only when you receive a notification stating that its your child’s birthday.
  • Once the toddlers reach level 3 in all toddler skills, they can be aged up.
  • Children and teenagers would only age up when they earn an A in school.
  • When your matron can no longer bear children and turns old, her youngest daughter takes her place. Once her younger daughter becomes the new matriarch, you have the option to move out the old matriarch.
  • Killing off underage sims or giving up your children to the social services is not the way to make more spece. No shortcuts in raising your children to adulthood.
  • Your matriarch cannot pursue a part time job. She can register as self employed or work from.
  • Teenagers, on the other hand, can have a part time job to support the family.
  • Your matriarch can get married once she is an elder but not during the child bearing age. After marriage, she must live with her husband.
  • Sims 4

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