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Sims 4 slovenly storage and organization

by profesorme
Sims 4 slovenly storage and organization

as i mentioned on my wip post (on patreon), this set is solely based around storage and organization! as usual, all my cc is base game compatible. let’s get started into the details: 

  • cubby shelving unit (horizontal) – has about 80 slots to store away small, med and large clutter items! functions as a bookcase
  • cubby shelving unit (vertical) – similar to above, has about 30 slots available in both the empty cubicle and above the shelf
  • storage cube – can store 5 small or 1 medium item(s)! 
  • storage bins – 2 sizes, both have 6 slots 
  • bulletin boards – corkboard and dry erase board versions. the corkboard functions as the basegame pinboard (i recommend using aroundthesim’s pinboard addons with this!!) the dry erase board is decor only! 
  • box-y wall lights – functions as wall lights (lmao) 
  • pinned photos – set of 4 photos pinned and hung on the wall, psd is included to add your own photos! 

Sims 4 slovenly storage and organization

  • CC: Stands for custom content

Credit : simkoos

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