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Sims 4 cottage sweater for child

by profesorme
Sims 4 cottage sweater for child

firstly, i can’t believe y’all gave this account (me) 9k followers. i truly don’t deserve it but thank you all so much!! honestly without all the feedback, comments, likes, reblogs, etc; i really wouldn’t have the motivation to continue creating and sharing. ily.

as i’ve said previously, i absoloutely fell in love with these two tops in particular when cottage living was released. of course i had to convert them both for our kiddies! i also threw in a few cute cold weather boots because why not lmao.

Sims 4 pizza poses pizza slice acc

all my cc will always be base game compatible!~

i’ve also added a default replacement shearling boot for adult sims so they’d look a bit more like what ea intended them to look 👀 and of course match my edit. (let me know if you’d prefer a non-default version as well!)

  • CC: Stands for custom content

Credit : simkoos

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