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glitter bomb eye set

by profesorme
glitter bomb eye set

glitter bomb eye set

Here’s a Euphoria-inspired eye set, perfect for a night out or a glam look✨ There’s a blush version that can be paired with eyeshadow and an eyeshadow version if you’d like to wear them with blush. They also come in 21 fun and unique swatches, which I really enjoyed making! Hope you like them too! Three versions: V1, V2 & V3 Two categories: Eyeshadow & blush 21 swatches each Custom catalog thumbnails

  • CC: Stands for custom content. CC is content created by fans of the game.
  • How To Download CC For Sims 4?
  • Go to the Menu and then Game Options. Select ‘’Other’’ and check the ‘’Enable Custom Content and Mods’’ box.

Credit : twisted-cat

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